Into the mystic

Aug. 10, 2015

Michael Raffety

Every time I make the drive from Folsom’s East Bidwell Street up the hill toward El Dorado Hills all one can see ahead is blue sky until making the crest of the hill. When there are big cumulous clouds stacked up against the Sierra as I drive up that hill I have the sensation that I am driving into the clouds.

You can get close to that between El Dorado Road and Missouri Flat, but trees and the Kmart sign steal the magic. The hill between Folsom and EDH is nothing but road and grass. It is pure enchantment.

Napa water fight

You may think Napa County is all about wine and who stole a highfaluting restaurant’s $300,000 collection of wine by disabling the alarm system. You would only be partly right. The biggest hoo-ha going on in Napa is about water. It is a fight between the city of Napa and the county of Napa.

Here is the squabble as of June: The city of Napa promised to provide water to a 154-acre of housing and retail development, including a Costco store and a hotel. It is not currently in the city, but voters had authorized the city to annex the project property “someday.”

Simple, eh?

But city officials in a town that lost a lot of buildings in the earthquake last August want Costco built before the housing. The Napa County Board of Supervisors just wants housing to meet its affordable housing requirement by the state. The city is demanding the developer pay $1 million annually for every year it doesn’t build Costco to make up for the sales tax the city won’t be getting. Money it isn’t getting now.

Keep in mind that the city is not currently annexing the project, but it is a water utility just like Placerville. If they want to annex the project they have to provide water. And Napa already agreed to annex the project. That doesn’t give the city carte blanche to extort millions out of what is being referred to by all concerned as a “redevelopment” project.

Totally horrific

Sometimes a news brief just grabs me and says, Why the heck isn’t this a bigger story?

Here’s what I found in the June 27 Wall Street Journal. “A truck transporting U.S. border-crossing cards for Mexican citizens was hijacked this month in northern Mexico near the border, the state Department said Friday (June 26).

Typically the Sate Department just released the information on something that happened June 7.

The truck had 11,500 personalized border crossing cards that were being shipped to consulates in Guadalajara and Monterey.

“The cards are issued to qualified Mexican citizens for business and personal travel to the U.S. within defined border zones from California to Texas for as many as 30 days.”

So, what kind of a truck did our State Department send through the outlaw region of northern Mexico? Was it a tractor-trailer rig? Was it an Isuzu truck? Was it a Toyota Tacoma or Ford F-150 with camper shell? Why didn’t the State Department send the visas by private airplane and have a platoon of armed Marines meet the plane on the tarmac and escort the visas in armored vehicles?

Now narco terrorists have 11,500 U.S. visas. These are potentially more valuable than marijuana, cocaine or amphetamine. Besides being sold to migrant smugglers they can also be sold for a high price to foreign terrorists.

We are being victimized twice by an incompetent Sate Department that let four people die in Benghazi in 2012 and let Hillary Clinton keep her State Department emails on her home server until the State Department asked for them about a year after she had left office. BTW, Hillary didn’t forward the emails to the State Department. She printed them on 55,000 pages. What a tree waster. Who doesn’t think that is a way to avoid quick data sorting?

There’s a reason the State Department is referred to as “foggy bottom.”


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