Super duper bike lane

Michael Raffety


El Dorado is going to spend $2.8 million on a pedestrian overcrossing to connect the Missouri Flat trail and a new trail along the railroad tracks to the town of El Dorado.

If Parker development gets the nod to develop the defunct nine-hole golf course there will also be a pedestrian overcrossing from there to Town Center.

These will be great additions for El Dorado County. But they are small potatoes compared to what is being planned for the Bay Bridge. There is already a pedestrian path on the new span between Oakland and Yerba Buena Island. To extend that to the suspension bridge between Yerba Buena and San Francisco involves a mega million plan. Just the engineering study to create some alternative mockups cost $10 million.

It will be financed by adding $1 to seven Bay Area bridges (except Golden Gate Bridge).

It will be a 2.9-mile skyway that will either be suspended above the traffic on the top deck or attached to the side of the bridge. Exit and entrance will be via spiral ramps in the vicinity of current Fremont Street exit. The real engineering challenge for this approximately $300 million project will be to avoid causing the bridge to sag so much that mega ships can’t pass underneath as they steam toward the Port of Oakland.

Oh, and there is the matter of making the bicycle-pedestrian path handicapped accessible. That would be a 150-foot-tall elevator.

. . .

When the Mountain Democrat was located on Broadway for a time next to Raymond’s Liquor was a gun shop that advertised Glock pistols, among others, in its window.

Only in the Wall Street Journal can you find the information that in California it is illegal to advertise handguns to the passing public. But it is legal to advertise rifles to the passing public.

This is a law that dates to 1923. The gun shop that got dinged by a state inspector was Tracy Rifle and Pistol, which has filed a First Amendment lawsuit against California Attorney General Kamala Harris.

A district court and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals declined allow on-premises handgun advertising while the case is pending. A trial is set for 2017.

Meanwhile another gun shop owner put up a big billboard within sight of his shop saying, “We sell hand guns” with Glock on it. The billboard is legal. Only on-premises advertising of handguns is illegal. The state’s theory is such advertising prompts impulse handgun buying, even though there is a 10-day waiting period.

The 1923 law is just plain weird.


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