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Michael Raffety


Jesse Watters of Fox News did a segment about a Satanic display complete with a pentagram near a Nativity scene. Of course, everyone is upset about it, but Boca Raton, Fla., city officials said they couldn’t do anything about it – free speech and all that.

The real problem is the crèche scene was set up in a public square — city property.

It’s unusual for any city these days to sponsor or allow a religious scene on city property. Doing so invites atheists and provocateurs. And pentagrams.

Nativity scenes are customarily set up at churches or businesses. That way nobody gets to complain or force some alternative.

But what was our Democrat-majority state Legislature thinking? For the first time in four decades the State Capitol this year featured a nativity scene. The result is as predictable as tock following tick. The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation set up cutouts of Ben Franklin and two other founding fathers plus a Statue of Liberty staring a copy of the Bill of Rights. No pentagrams, as yet.

. . .

In Detroit there were 782 more votes cast than the total number of voters. Hillary Clinton still didn’t win Michigan. President Obama’s Justice Department has fought every state that has tried to pass voter ID laws. There are 32 states with voter ID laws of varying levels, with not all requiring a photo ID.

California does not require an ID to vote. I was going through some old ID cards and ran across my voter ID for Amado County, issued in January 1978. It didn’t include a photo, but it did bear my signature and an ID number issued by the Amador County Elections Department.

The back of my card read, “Voter Identification Card. Keep this card as evidence of your registration. Your name will appear on the index kept at the polls.”

. . .

The State Water Resource s Control Board issued its draft plan for permanently conserving water Nov. 30 and gave local water purveyors until Dec. 19 to respond. Rather short notice. The state’s plan is to limit residential users to 55 gallons per day for inside use and 45 gallons per day for exterior use. The state water board’s plan also calls for aerial surveys of everyone’s property and setting evapotranspiration rates. That is really getting down in the weeds.

The governor and the state seem hung up on the water saved during the 2015 drought being enough to “provide 6.5 million Californians with water for one year.”

As noted by EID Interim General Manager Tom Cumpston in his response to the water board, there is no reservoir to hold all this saved water. In fact, the state water board is a dam holding back transfers of water from agencies like El Dorado Irrigation District that have a surplus to water to agencies that have a shortage of water. EID’s managed to transfer make one transfer, but that seems to have been a one-shot deal. The rest of of EID’s saved water flowed out of Folsom Dam to the sea. That may have been the state’s real plan. The new long-term conservation plan is looking more like a water rights grab.



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